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16. Female Bulking: How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat With Laura Savino

May 03, 2023 Laurie Christine King (LCK)
Live Big Lift Big
16. Female Bulking: How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat With Laura Savino
Show Notes

This week on Live Big, Lift Big  Laura Savino shares about her journey to get strong as possible and what it’s like to intentionally put on weight and gain muscle during a bulking cycle. We’ll talk about how to successfully put on size without adding a bunch of body fat, common mistakes and misconceptions when it comes to eating calorie surpluses, how to shift your mindset to be ok with taking up more space, and why eating more food is something that many folks can benefit from.

Enjoy Episode #16 Female Bulking: How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat With Laura Savino

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00:00 Intro
01:39 Interview with Laura Savino
03:57 Gaining Muscle and Avoiding Common Mistakes
05:37 Growing Up Playing Soccer, Softball, and Track
08:00 Baseball Injury Resulting in Reconstructive Surgery
11:50 From Veganism to Gluten-Free and Paleo Diets
18:57 Benefits of Resistance Training for Rugby Players
24:01 Benefits of Premium Programs
30:04 Laura's Journey In Joining the Paragon Team
33:44 Dieting and Exercise Regimen
35:53 Bulking and Deficit Dieting for Athletic Performance
46:01 Bulking Guidelines for Women
51:30 Gaining Muscle Mass While Tracking Metrics and Data
57:37 Eating Beyond Maintenance Levels
1:01:21 Bulk Dieting and Digestion Issues
1:04:42 Eating Habits During a Calorie Surplus
1:06:11 Nutrition Strategies for Dieting and Bulking
1:08:51 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Chasing Muscle Gain
1:16:19 The Benefits of Eating More and Moving More for Weight Loss
1:25:41 Tips for Navigating Weight Gain During a Bulking Phase
1:34:07 Periodizing Nutrition for Long-Term Health and Fitness Goals
1:35:40 Nutrition and Fitness Advice for Younger Self
1:41:29 Exploring the Last 12 Years and Outdoor Gear Recommendations

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