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12. Navigating Injury/Surgery, Tips on Staying Healthy When Life Gets Hard

April 05, 2023 Laurie Christine King (LCK)
Live Big Lift Big
12. Navigating Injury/Surgery, Tips on Staying Healthy When Life Gets Hard
Show Notes

Enjoy Episode #12 Bouncing Back From Injury/Surgery, Rehab, Staying Healthy When Life Gets Hard

LCK had surgery for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome/Paget Schroetter Syndrome and Macdaddy always seems to have some kind of injury from his bjj obsession. So this week on Live Big, Lift Big, LCK + Alex will share their experiences with injuries and surgeries and  offer their expertise on how to adjust nutrition and exercise in order to bounce back quickly and as strong as ever.

0:00:00 Discussion: The Last of Us Season Finale
0:02:46 Discussion of "The Last of Us" and "Halo" Series on Paramount Plus
0:04:53 Conversation on Navigating Injuries and Surgeries
0:06:32 Conversation on Injury and Surgery Experiences
0:13:55 Managing Surgery and Injury Recovery Through Nutrition and Fitness
0:17:31 The Impact of Injury and Surgery on Calorie Needs
0:19:07  A Conversation on How to Monitor and Adjust Calorie Intake
0:23:48 Understanding Appetite and Self-Monitoring After Trauma
0:25:15 Navigating Injury and Surgery with a Coach
0:27:18 Strategies for Staying Positive and Productive"
0:31:34 Strategies for Training Around Injury
0:33:09 Strategies for Dealing with Injury in Training
0:35:19 Discussion on Injury Prevention
0:39:58 Injury Prevention and Recovery
0:40:58 Recovery and Injury Hacks
0:44:45 Finding Joy in Fitness and Nutrition
0:46:31 Navigating Fitness and Nutrition During a Season of Life
0:48:45 Nutrition Plan After Surgery
0:50:28 Preparing for Surgery: Nutrition and Training Considerations
0:53:45 Conversation Summary: Post-Surgery Recovery and Activity Guidelines
0:56:57 Coping with Mental Challenges During a Medical Diagnosis Process
0:58:50 Navigating Trauma and Unexpected Health Challenges
1:00:46 Tips and Tricks for Recovery
1:02:45 Paragon: Access to Evidence-Based Workout Programs

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